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Omnia Stapling Platform

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PRO Range/ PRO Performance / PRO Intelligence

The OMNIA platform combine our latest innovations in stapling technologies to form the most expansive, most adaptable tool for even the most demanding surgeons.

PRO Range

  • From 30mm, 45mm to 60 mm staple length, both conventional and progressive height reloads. The OMNIA platform offer the most expansive selection of reloads. Giving the ultimate freedom of choice to surgeons.

PRO Performance

  • Fixed anvil design allows easier tissue placement, especially in narrow spaces. 

  • The new progressive height reloads features stepped surface which facilitates fluid extraction and improve staple formation.

  • Fully powered automatic jaw opening/closing feature reduces tissue tearing and improves safety. 

  • Surgeon can also short-press to close the jaw in half for better access.

PRO Intelligence

  • The embedded chip intelligently recognizes different reload models the moment it connects and apply specific compression and firing process parameters for optimal effect.

  • The firing process is programmed to be adaptive to various tissue thickness and adjust cutting speed accordingly. 
    The stapler will gradually slow down for last part of very firing process to minimize tissue slippage and reduce staple malformation.

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