Sound Reach 8000

Forwarding Energy

Brand New Platform

The Sound Reach ultrasonic platform takes a giant leap forward.

The 8000 generator feature a brand new distinctive design and unique features that transforms the way of surgery.

Compact Design

Touch Interface


Tissue Sense

A breakthrough technology that changes the way to perform.

Tissue Sense is the combination of both hardware and software allowing the 8000 Generator simultaneously monitor signals from the shears and adjust energy output according to tissue resistance.

This allows a smooth and consistent cutting experience regardless of tissue thickness and default settings, eliminating the need to constantly adjust output settings, so surgeons can now focus on the surgery.

PD Series Shears

The PD Series Shears offers new utilizations with key technology breakthrough and multi-purpose design, making it an ideal choice to deliver consistent performance in surgeries.

* This product is not for sale in Germany