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Reach Surgical, a division of Genesis Medtech, is a leading minimally-invasive surgical device manufacturer and supplier, committed to serving high-quality products to healthcare practitioners and patients worldwide.  We deliver advanced technology and cost effective minimally-invasive surgical products to medical institutions and provide patents with reliable and economical treatment solutions.

We provide staplers and energy products targeted to open and laparoscopic surgery.  Our stapler and ultrasonic energy devices make surgery safer and more cost effective in more than 40 countries around the world. We carry a complete line of products for gastric, colorectal, thoracic, thyroid, gynaecologic, and urologic surgeries that are approved by the European Union, the NMPA in China and the Food and Drug Administration in the US.

iReach SRC
​Powered Endoscopic Stapler

iReach SRC allows new possibilities for the SRC stapling platform: a powered stapler with uncompromising utilities while keeping the freedom for surgeons to choose the SULUs they like.

Endo III
​Powered Endoscopic Stapler

A compact design for maximum
performance. Endo III stapling system is
the ultimate tool for the OR while delivering
consistent results with confidence.

Sound Reach
Ultrasonic Generators & Shears

You need a solution that delivers fast activation, precise
tissue dissection and stable hemostasis, every time,
everyday. That's why Sound Reach ultrasonic system is
the ideal choice for your regimen.

Sound Reach Shears offers variety length of shears
with multi-purpose design, making it an ideal choice
to deliver consistent performance in surgeries.

Reach Surgical was the first manufacturer in China to develop and launch the ultrasonic energy products and we have continued to be the number one exporter from China of those products.


Exceptional design and functionality come as a result of the dedicated work of the research team, constantly improving on existing designs and bringing new solutions to the field.


Quality is at the center of everything we do here. Our expansive and highly advanced production center and skilled workers are the source of our confidence. Automation is also an integral part of our quest to produce the highest quality products and we continuously strive to increase automation in all aspects of our productIon.

We take great care in our everyday operations and painstakingly pay attention to every detail so surgeons can use our products with great confidence.

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